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The Carmen

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Her exact location may still be unknown, but it’s no secret that Carmen Sandiego left a long-lasting impact on pop culture. From humble beginnings on a floppy disk to becoming an entertainment phenomenon, the original generation of Carmen Sandiego fans have a love for the franchise that extends well beyond the 90s. And now, she’s back on Netflix. Scroll ▼

But there’s a reason why people just can’t seem to shake the international woman of mystery, and it runs deeper than nostalgia—call it The Carmen Effect. In the past five years alone there have been hundreds of thousands of tweets about Carmen Sandiego, and throughout this experience each dot represents one of those tweets.


“The Carmen Effect” is the deeply personal, long-lasting impact the franchise, and the woman behind it, had on its original generation of fans. For some, it’s manifested as a love of travel, passion for geography, or the occasional urge to buy a red coat. For others, Carmen was a first-of-her-kind superhero, showing both girls and boys how to be “sly, funny and brilliant” as a badass Latina role model. And now, almost 20 years later, her legacy lives on as a brand new series debuts on Netflix January 18th, with Gina Rodriguez voicing the lead role.


In partnership with the team behind Polygraph, Netflix used a dataset of 356,798 public tweets dated between 12/14/13-12/14/18 that mentioned “Carmen Sandiego” or variations of the name. Retweets were excluded from the analysis, and tweets coded as spam (including promotional tweets or tweets assumed to come from a bot) were omitted from the final dataset. Tweets that could be deemed offensive were excluded from

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